Cher Talks Chaz Bono's Big Weight Loss, "Difficult" Decision to Turn Down Olympics Invitation

The music legend gushes over son's determination to shed the pounds

By Marc Malkin Sep 19, 2013 2:00 AMTags
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Bravo, Chaz Bono!

"He did it all by himself," Bono's mom, Cher, boasted on Monday while promoting her new album, Closer to the Truth (on sale Sept. 24).

Cher is referring to her son's amazing weight loss over the last year.

"My family was concerned about my health and now everyone is really happy," Bono said during a recent appearance on The Doctors. "They can also see how much better I feel and how much happier I am."

Robert Voets

"He made up his own mind and he did it," Cher said. "And it was like what—85, 90 pounds. Wow!...I don't know if I'd have that courage."

Do they work out together now?

"Not yet," Cher said. "Chaz doesn't like aerobics and that's what I like doing. He looks unbelievable."

Cher also made headlines this weekend when she revealed that she recently turned down an offer to sing at the opening of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Russia in February because of the country's anti-gay laws.

"It was hard," she told me. "I have so many Russian friends. I have lots of Russian fans and I have so many people there that I love...So that was difficult."

Cher added, "The Russian people that I know are great and don't agree with [the anti-gay legislation]," Cher said. "They just don't agree with it."

Even so, she said she had to decline the Olympics invite because her "heart" is with the gay community.

Check out more of our chat with Cher in the videos below.

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