This Mysterious Clown Has Been Stalking the Streets of Northampton at Night: Is He a Friendly Watcher or a Terrifying Viral Hoax?

The U.K. city seems to have attracted a mysterious who is behind the mask?!

By John Boone Sep 16, 2013 9:33 PMTags
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Northampton, England is a bustling town located about 60 miles outside of London. Northampton experiences cool summers and mild winters, has a rich history dating back to the Bronze Age and is home to two rugby teams.

Oh yes, it is also currently being watched over by a terrifying, mysterious clown

"He doesn't juggle. He doesn't twist balloons into animal shapes. He just stares," Northampton Herald & Post explains. 

Though in all fairness, the red-haired, masked stranger in full clown regalia who wanders the streets at night carrying a bouquet of balloons has taken to his Facebook to explain that he's not dangerous. "I don't terrorise people," he writes. "I just want to be spotted."

The Northampton Clown, who many liken to Pennywise from Stephen King's IT, first appeared on Friday the 13th, according to the Post. He has appeared every night since at various places around Northampton, inspiring two hashtags to track his wearabouts: #northamptonclown and #clownwatch

But you don't have to work too hard to find the Northampton Clown. He wants you to find him and has started a Facebook, which has since racked up nearly 50,000 subscribers, to speak to his public. 

And clear up some rumors.

Some have assumed that he is promoting the U.K. "scare attraction" Dr. Fright's Night. Police have put out a "warning" after a woman called them, saying that two teens whose faces were "covered with large amounts of white paint" and "wearing dungarees" offered to paint her window sills, but came with no painting equipment.

The most damning evidence comes from the Post: The clown is the same one that appeared in a short film shot in Northampton called "The Local Clown." Director Alex Powell posted a pic of a similar looking clown mask on his Facebook at the end of last year.

Powell posted an explanation, "There's been lots of rumours that I'm the ‘Northampton Clown' but i am NOT! But thanks for the interest as its shot my views right up...And i don't live in Northampton anymore." 

The clown himself has responded to all of these rumors, "I'm ‘not' apart of Dr Fright's Night for those interested but it seems to be promoting them and others which is great! I ‘haven't' been knocking on houses and asking to paint window sills!? I may have to change my appearance as the actor in that 'Local Clown' film has the same costume as me."

"Too much hate not enough love," the clown continued.

Here are two addition things of note: First, this absolutely horrifying status, posted after the Northampton Clown's most recent outing: "I didn't wear my clown shoes as they've got holes in them from all the drains i've been climbing into..." And secondly, that one wannabe superhero Northamptoner has officially deemed himself The Clown Catcher

"If what i am doing does get too much for people, I will have to stop," the Northampton Clown seems to have concluded. Though he almost menacingly adds, "For those of you with phobias and fears, you don't have to like and comment on this page. See you around soon :)"