Friday the 13th Prank

YouTube prankster Vitaly Zdorovetskiy, he of chasing people around Miami dressed as a Zombie and performing gross "tricks" to pick up girls fame, is upping the ante for Friday the 13th. 

With a chainsaw.

In the sure-to-be-viral video, VitalyzdTV, with fellow prank "artists" RomaAtWood and Dennis Roady (H/T Gawker), donned the signature mask of Friday the 13th's Jason Voorhees and chased unsuspecting bystanders with a real chainsaw (though he does note that it has no blades).

Spoiler alert: The people run in terror.

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Very Dangerous Prank!!
 Do Not Re Attempt!" Vitaly advises, though not for the right reasons (more on that in one moment). "I wanted to do a scary video...and came up with this. I think this is my new favorite..."

Maybe we're just a bunch of squares, but we think this prank is horrible. When someone goes to a haunted house, they are expecting to get scared. Fun! When someone is just walking home and a masked man with a chainsaw chases after them, they think they are really, truly going to die.

Being murdered isn't fun!

And usually prank videos include an "after the fact," where the prankster reveals the joke and the person is able to laugh about it. There is none of that here, just a bunch of people you have to assume are traumatized. For life.

How did no one call the police? How did the driver of the car at the end not run him over?!

Alternately, here is a scary prank that is both scary and hilarious:

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