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It's time to say goodbye to summer's sexiest new show.

The season finale of Mistresses just graced our TV screens and ever though we're sad to see our fab foursome go, we're extremely satisfied with how the summer series came to a close. In tonight's episode, "I Choose You," our four friends celebrated Savi's birthday with a get-away to Palm Springs, but of course in true Mistresses fashion, the trip took a shocking turn.

We recently chatted with the always-lovely Alyssa Milano to get all the scoop on what's next for Mistresses' future and what she hopes fans will take away from tonight's finale. Plus, the actress weighs in on the highly-anticipated baby daddy reveal and whether she's on Team Harry (Brett Tucker) or Team Dominic (Jason George)!

Alright so let's discuss that big reveal: Can you believe that Dom is the father of Savi's baby?! Or that Harry doesn't care and wants to be with Savi anyway?! Or that the season ended with Savi possibly dying?! Gah! Our jaws are still on the floor and apparently Milano was just as shocked as we are. "Oh, I was surprised!" she says. "And I didn't know until I got the script which direction they were going to go in but yeah I was surprised for sure." Whether you were Team Harry or Team Dom, we can all definitely agree on one thing: That's going to be gorgeous-looking little baby!

Milano says that she has tried to stay as impartial as possible when it comes to which guy she is rooting for Savi to end up with. "On the one hand she has this husband who she has a history with and they've been together a long time. So clearly in her heart she wants to try and make that work, she feels horrible about what she has done," She explains. "But then on the other side of that there's Dominic who' s compassionate to what Savi is going through and basically has the view point of I don't care who that baby's father is, you know I love you and I want to be with you."

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Although the fate of Mistresses' future is still up in the air, the 40-year-old actress says she would love to come back next summer and give Savi an opportunity to confront her demons and stop being so hard on herself. "With Savi, I really want her to find some closure and to forgive herself and to be happy again," Milano continues," I think that's a big part of it for me, she needs to get to a place where she forgives herself."

The Mistresses star tells us that she is beyond appreciative to all of the fans who have supported this sexy and fun new drama this summer. "I hope that fans feel fulfilled from the season finale I hope they feel like we tied up all the loose ends that we needed to tie up," she says. "I hope they feel like they were on this journey with us throughout the season and had emotional connection to the show." Fingers crossed for a season two!

What did you think of Mistresses' season finale? Sound off in the comments!

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