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How can you tell if someone is a sociopath?

It's an intriguing yet terrifying question that many of us have never had to consider. However, after tuning all season to ABC Family's addictive summer hit Twisted, we now find ourselves giving the suspicious side-eye to our family and friends.

To get you even more excited for tonight's summer finale (that's right, the show will be returning in January!) we chatted with stars Avan Jogia and Kylie Bunbury about what's coming up for our favorite Green Grove threesome in "Out with the In-Crown." From a new danger for Danny, to shocking revelations in Regina's murder, you won't believe the all twisted secrets they shared!

Thrills and Chills: Jogia, who plays Danny Desai, says that will are going to see even more problems arise for our smooth-talking potential socio in tonight's episode.

"With the finale is it's completely different than what we have done previously. It makes all these episodes that we have done up until now look like nothing," the actor reveals. "At the end of the finale, Danny is at his lowest point, beyond just getting expelled, he's got bigger problems than that." Yikes!

So what kind of problems will our teenage antihero be facing? Jogia explains, "This new development in this last episode is going to change the way he interacts with everyone for a very long time. It really makes it complicated for what we're going to do for the back eight [episodes]." Bunbury adds, "It's a great episode and it has a very shocking ending but I think the ending only makes more questions."

Trouble in Lovers Lane: Note to all the guys out there: Don't lie to your lady! Especially if she's trying to help prove your innocence in a murder investigation. (Ahem, yes we're talking to you Mr. Desai!) Unfortunately, it looks like Danny's lies are too much for Lacey and their kinda-sorta relationship is put on pause tonight.

"It definitely wasn't Danny and Lacey deciding it, it was Lacey. And it was Lacey deciding that they're not together because of the lies," Bunbury spills. "Do they have feelings for each other? Yes, of course. But the fact that he lied to them about the necklace, and especially to her since hey had an intimate relationship, that really hurt her and she felt betrayed and so her decision is they have nothing going on."

Not to worry Dacey shippers! This change-of-heart seems to be temporary and the good news is it helps push Danny and Lacey to making amends with Jo (Maddie Hasson). Bunbury explains, "As of right now, Jo is very upset with Lacey and rightfully so. Lacey kept that relationship from Jo. But at that one point when Danny confronts Lacey and says we do need to talk with her, they do go and talk to her and that's a really great scene."



Out with the In-Crowd: With the video of Danny and Lacey hooking up spreading through the school like wildfire, Lacey's former queen-bee status plummets to rock bottom. Bunbury explains that fans will see Lacey at rock bottom in tonight's episode. "She goes to school and she faces a lot of criticism and a lot of hostility and mean looks and all of that. It's with everyone. It's with her friends, it's with her ex-boyfriend, it's with Jo, it's with everyone."

Regina Returns: Get excited mystery lovers, because we're getting a couple flashbacks starring the one-and-only Regina Crane (Karyn Moore). In addition to seeing Regina, we're also going to learn new details from her murder investigation. Jogia confirms, "I think we get closer. There will be some evidence that comes to light that has something to do with that murder, but I don't think we'll have an answer." Nooo! We don't want to wait until January!

Don't miss the summer finale of Twisted, Tonight at 9 p.m. on ABC Family!

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