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By TV Scoop Team Aug 19, 2013 1:00 PMTags

It's the start of a brand new week and what better way to kick it off than with a steaming cup of good old-fashioned scoop?!

In today's Spoiler Chat, we're brightening your Monday morning with some juicy scoop on a new character that fans will be meeting in season 3 of Once Upon a Time, as well as a major step for a Nashville couple. Plus, we've also included spoilers on Twisted's summer finale, a fan favorite character's return on Suburgatory and Samantha Jones' highly anticipated introduction on The Carrie Diaries. Oh, and there's scoop on Amber Tamblyn's Two and a Half Men debut, as well as The Mindy Project's new season!

Liam: I'm excited that Arrow is introducing the Flash this season, but I still want to see Roy or Thea become Speedy. Any chance either of them will team up with Ollie in season two?
Our money's on Roy being the one to suit up after chatting with the not-at-all handsome Colton Haynes.  "This second season is almost like Roy's island," Haynes previews of Roy's journey to potential superhero-dom, adding that "a lot of characters from his past" will be showing up. Alas, Haynes advises fans not to hold their breath to see him in tights anytime soon. "It's going to take some time."

Sasha: Any Once Upon a Time spoilers?
We'll meet another one of Peter Pan's Lost Boys In episode 5: Devin, who has been in Neverland a long time and is extremely loyal to season 3's new big bad, but is competitive with his fellow boys as he's often overlooked. Green never looks good on anyone, Devin!

Lee: Need me some Nashville scoop. Deliver!
Head on out to the liquor store and buy some champagne because two characters are about to get engaged! Then again, is a rushed proposal that doesn't exactly scream romance all that worthy of celebration? We'll rule out one character: Juliette, who already had a quickie marriage in season 1.

Cynthia: I was a huge Joan of Arcadia fan, so I'm happy to have Amber Tamblyn back on TV! What can we expect from her Two and a Half Men debut?
Jenny will waste no time when she first appears on the CBS sitcom, already hooking up with a pretty young thing in episode two…only to leave her alone in Walden's house after their wild night together. Like father, like daughter!

Patrick Harbron/The CW

Meghan S.: So, so, so excited for Samantha Jones' debut on The Carrie Diaries! What can we Sex and the City fans expect?
"She's lovely and she's a dead ringer. She's got just the right energy for it," Matt Letscher gushes of newcomer Lindsey Gort, who will be stepping into Kim Cattrall's iconic stilettos. As for how fans will first meet young Samantha, Letscher teases, "The way they introduce her in the first episode is really remarkable. It captures everything that everyone loves about that character in her later years. It's there right from the beginning, but also does it in a way that's really moving."

Jared: Now that we know Mindy will be single again, is there any hope for a hookup with Danny?
Sorry, but it seems like Mindy will be enjoying the single life in season 2 of The Mindy Project. Not only is an It's Always Sunny I Philadelphia star guesting as a new love interest, but Mindy will also go on a date with a skater boi…or should we say man? However, she will be spending a lot of time texting with Danny, which is a big date no-no, no?

Chris: Surburgatory never gets any Spoiler Chat love. Make it up with some season 3 scoop please!
Ryan's back…and he's not alone! Tessa's ex returns in episode 3 and brings his new girlfriend June back with him, a girlfriend who is alarmingly similar to Tessa in every way. And yes, Tessa gets totally jealous. In the same episode, we'll also meet George's father Emmett, who comes to town after Tessa calls him concerned about her dad's post-breakup funk.

Malikah: Hit me with some spoilers on Twisted! I don't want to have to wait another week for answers!
Well, little Miss Impatient, we don't want you to have to wait either! We just got off the phone with the always charming Avan Jogia and he promised us that Twisted fans are in for a whirlwind of insanity in next week's summer finale. "It makes all of the episodes of the show up to this point almost nothing. It changes everything," the actor teases. "At the end of this finale Danny is at his lowest point and it's beyond just getting expelled. He's got bigger problems now." Ruh-roh!

—Additional reporting by Jenna Mullins, Tierney Bricker and Leanne Aguilera

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