Kristen Stewart Continues to Wear Broken Sunglasses—5 Replacement Pairs She Should Rock Instead!

May be time to for the actress to upgrade her shades

By Cinya Burton Aug 16, 2013 6:49 PMTags

Kristen Stewart is famous for her über casual, rolled-outta-bed style.

The actress rarely dresses up outside of the red carpet and even then is known to complain about wearing heels.

And while we're all for her Converse-adorned Tomboy style, perhaps it's time for the Twilight star to upgrade her sunglasses.

Why? They're broken.

In the past week the actress has been photograph twice wearing shades that are missing a major part of the frame: the entire left side.

Obviously the 23-year-old isn't ready to toss her favorite specs. So to help her transition into a new pair we've rounded up five fab styles that would make perfect replacement shades.


1. Ray-Ban Round Metal Sunglasses
This retro style is perfect for K.Stew who loves her Ray-Bans (she owns several pairs) and has been spotted rocking circle lenses in the past.

Westward Leaning

2.Westward \\ Leaning Wintermute Sunglasses
These classic sunglasses are the ideal in-between shades while the star gets her go-to pair fixed. Bonus: She'd be in good company wearing the brand, which is beloved by Hollywood gals like Jessica Alba, Natalie Portman and Kate Hudson.


3.Thierry Lasry Tortoiseshell Silenty Round Sunglasses
If the star is up for splurging on an investment pair, these chic Thierry Lasry could easily become her new favorites.


4. Toms Beachmaster Matte Tortoise Sunglasses
On the other end of the price scale this simple Toms' sunglasses are only $119 and, of course, like all the brand's products donates one to a person in need.


5. Illesteva Leonard Half/Half Sunglasses
In case the star wants to ease into the color lenses trend these slightly iridescent ombré pair is a good jumping off point. Plus, the round brown frame is still within her usual shades style.