Jay-Z, Jemima Kirke

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Jemima Kirke Performance art enthusiast or Jay-Z's most unruly fan?!

The former, according to "Picasso Baby" director Mark Romanek, who took to Twitter to slam the rumors claiming the Girls star was removed from the music video shoot for Hov's latest hit after she was allegedly "acting totally nuts" at the NYC art gallery where the filming went down.

"I hope she doesn't mind me saying so, but these absurd rumors about Jemima Kirke's behavior at the PICASSO BABY shoot are utter bulls--t," the filmmaker tweeted Wednesday morning.

Safe to say his heated tweet sets the record straight.

So how did the rumor mill start spinning?

Kirke was on hand to watch Jay Z rap the lyrics to "Picasso Baby" for six hours straight at Pace Gallery in New York while cameras filmed Beyoncé's mister for his nearly 11-minute music video. 

During the shoot, Jay interacted with local guests and celebs, including Kirke, who made the final cut for the performance art film and can be seen hugging Hov as he raps the hit song.

Jay-Z, Jemima Kirke


But according to a report by the New York Daily News, Jemima "kept jumping on his back like a little monkey" and had to be removed from the gallery for her alleged crazy antics. Props to Romanek for putting that pesky rumor to rest.

Jemima isn't the only famous face in Jay's lengthy video. Marina Abramović, Judd Apatow, Fab Five Freddy, Cynthia Rowley, Wale, Michael K. Williams, Adam Driver, Dustin Yellin and actual Picasso baby Diana Widmaier Picasso all make appearances in the performance art flick.

"The truth is, as far as hip-hop and arts, we were like cousins," Jay Z said of the innovative shoot during an appearance on Real Time With Bill Maher. "If you think about those days when Fab Five Freddy was with Madonna and Basquiat and everything. We all went to those clubs, that's when hip-hop was more underground. The arts and hip-hop really partied together. But when art started becoming part of the gallery, it was this separation. But we pretty much came up together."

What do you think of the music video for Jay Z's "Picasso Baby"? Tell us in the comments!

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