Katy Perry Lays Her Old Image to Rest (Literally) in Latest "Roar" Teaser Video—Watch Now!

"Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, a new beginning is a must! #ROAR," Perry tweeted with her latest teaser

By Bruna Nessif Aug 05, 2013 9:14 PMTags
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Katy Perry's colorful wig and whipped cream bra-wearing days are over.

The singer has made it clear to fans that it's time to say goodbye to the star's Teenage Dream image through a couple of video teases for her upcoming single "Roar," which releases on Aug. 12.

"Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, a new beginning is a must! #ROAR," Perry tweeted today, along with her latest teaser.

In the clip "Roar—The Third Coming," a priest is reading a prayer at a funeral held for the pop singer's former image, which was symbolized by a closed casket that featured pink flowers and candy cane spinning wheels on top.

A number of crying mourners (including two young "California Gurls" in purple wigs) gathered together to pay their respects, however, a dry-eyed Katy, who also attended the service, gave the camera a little smirk behind her shades to show that she's ready to ditch her old image.

This is the second video teaser Perry released to promote the first track off of her new album Prism (out in stores Oct. 22).

On Friday, the 28-year-old debuted the first "Roar" teaser clip, which featured the singer lighting her blue wig on fire. It was very intense.


Meanwhile, Perry's giant gold truck advertising her upcoming album continues to travel all over the United States, with fans snapping pictures and sending them to the celeb in hopes of being retweeted.

Last week, the singer arranged for an enormous gold big rig to drive the streets of Los Angeles with the large words "Katy Perry, Prism, 10.22.13" written across.

Perry followed with a tweet, telling fans, "Find the #PRISM semi, take a picture and I'll RT you. Don't worry, Los Angeles is just the first stop on the map."

Katy has been very coy about what type of music fans can expect on her new release. "It's gonna be three years later, how about that?" Perry joked to E! News. "Pick up where we left off."

But she did mention that beau John Mayer will not be featured on the album, "He is not, actually," she said. "But thank you for asking."

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