Well, this game is probably amusing for everyone except Adam Brody.

The 33-year-old heartthrob appeared on Watch What Happens Live Tuesday night, where host Andy Cohen revisited the actor's O.C. past as hottie Seth Cohen on the hit Fox soap.

Cohen began by showing a clip from his interview with Adam's former costar Tate Donovan, who played Jimmy Cooper, Marissa's (Misha Barton) father on the teen drama, and it's safe to say Donovan doesn't hold back while dishing his honest thoughts on the younger O.C. castmembers.

"They all started out great ...Then, all of them, they just fell apart," Donovan says in the video as Brody bursts out laughing. "When you first get fame, you're so insecure that you just become a ding dong."

While Adam was wildly amused by the clip, he soon found himself in the WWHL hot seat, as Cohen coaxed Brody into playing a special O.C. edition game of "Plead the Fifth," where the actor was asked three questions, but was only required to answer one.

Cue the scandalous secrets from The O.C. set!

"Who is the bigger MILF: Julie Cooper (Melinda Clarke) or Kirsten Cohen (Kelly Rowan)?" Andy asks.

After a brief pause (and a quick clarification of the rules), Adam responds, "I would say Julie, only 'cause she relishes it."

Up next?

"On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the most, how big of a bitch was Mischa Barton behind-the-scenes of The O.C.?" Cohen questions.

The O.C., Rachel Bilson, Adam Brody


"A 2. A 1," Brody admits, as the audience expresses their disappointment.

"1 being the highest?" Cohen replies.

"Yes," he jokes.

And finally, the Bravo hosts asks Brody his third and final question (which, according to the rules of the game, he does not have to answer).

"Who is the better kisser: Rachel Bilson or Olivia Wilde?" Andy asks.

But like a good sport, the Jennifer's Body star provides his honest opinion.

"Well, you know, I was dating Rachel at the time, so there were less barriers. So, Rachel," he confesses.

We're impressed! Looks like Brody passed The O.C. test.

Were you surprised by any of Adam's answers? Tell us in the comments!

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