Leighton Meester Hides in Adam Brody's Backseat, Still Gets Snapped by Paparazzi

Gossip Girl star attempts to downplay romance with OC actor

By Rebecca Macatee Feb 08, 2013 4:42 PMTags
Leighton Meester, Adam BrodyRS/X17online.com

Why so shy, Leighton Meester?

The Gossip Girl star tried to hide from the paparazzi in the backseat of Adam Brody's car Thursday.

The former O.C. star looked bemused as the brunette beauty ducked for cover. Although the duo is clearly trying to downplay their relationship, it's reportedly been going on for several weeks. According to Us Weekly, they even traveled to Bangkok together earlier this week.

Leighton and Adam, we're onto you! Just make your red carpet debut as a couple, OK? xoxo, E! News.