We get it, Shepard Smith. You love True Blood.

The Fox News anchor proved (kinda) that the HBO vampire series can easily be tied in to the big royal baby news—or anything, for that matter—when he managed to completely turn the coverage of the birth over to his favorite show.

While discussing the first appearance of Kate Middleton and Prince William's son, Smith said, "The thing we still don't know is the baby's name."

He continued, "Now, if you've been listening to all these royal people—the people that love the royals—you know that they think the baby might have four names, because the more royal you are the more names you need."

And then this happened, "The same is the case with Sheriff Bellefleur's four fairy daughters. Of course, Jessica fed on three of those daughters until they expired and the fourth daughter—of course, this is on True Blood—the fourth daughter was finally named in episode six. So it took six episodes of True Blood to name one fairy daughter—though the fairy daughters didn't show up until episode three, I believe.

"Anyway, the surviving fairy baby is Adilyn Braelyn Charlaine Danika. A, B, C, D...Something tells me that will not be the name of His Majesty, the baby."

Shepard Smith, Fox News

Fox News

Wise observation, Smith. Of course, the world now knows the royal baby has been named Prince George Alexander Louis.

The best part about all of this, is that this wasn't the first time Shepard referenced True Blood in the middle of a newscast. Yes, seriously!

While congratulating True Blood star Evan Rachel Wood on the birth of her new baby on Tuesday, he also mentioned that he would love to make a cameo on the show: "I really want to be on that show. I feel like I can play a reporter in there, like, a cameo next year."

Additionally, Smith brought up the series during his conversation about Lance Armstrong's doping with guest Andrew Napolitano in May.

"I wonder if he was taking V," Smith said, talking about the infamous drug on the show. "Well, because the sheriff took V—do you not watch True Blood?"

He added, "'Cause V, you could get all amped up on V and do all kinds of weird things. You should watch True Blood."

Smith also said that Sookie Stackhouse is "just as weird as ever," that "they have their own set of rules" and that he's "never seen Lance Armstrong on there, but he could probably beat the werewolves."

We couldn't make this up.

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