The Voice Coaches Talk Idol and X Factor Comparisons: “Becoming a Huge Star Is a Fairytale”

Adam Levine and Christina Aguilera defend the non-superstar winners on the NBC hit

By Leanne Aguilera Jul 28, 2013 2:17 AMTags
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Pull up a big red chair and get ready to smack those buttons!

The Voice's original foursome is back together and the hunger for victory seems stronger than ever. Christina Aguilera, Ceelo Green, Adam Levine and Carson Daly took the stage Saturday evening at the Summer TCA press tour and they promised that the 5th cycle is going to be the best yet!

Aguilera, who stepped away last season to focus on her newest album, muses, "Well I understand that I am coming back to the Blake Shelton show at this point." So far Shelton is smashing the coaches' competition with three victories out of the past four cycles. All those "special lattes" must really be working!

However, the coaches are well aware that in addition to the fierce internal competition, The Voice will always be faced with external competition. This is due to the fact that fans and critics regularly compare the NBC singing competition to the Fox counterparts American Idol and The X Factor

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The Voice is the only singing competition that has been graced with a 2013 Emmy nomination for the second year in a row. But many are quick to point out that the show has yet to produce a "superstar" winner.

Levine, swiftly confronted this notion saying, "We totally understand because of the comparisons that might exist out there, why it might seem to be a failure on the show's part." The Maroon 5 front man continues, "The immediacy of winning and becoming a huge star is a fairytale that we would love to see take place, but it's still a fairytale." 

Aguilera echoes her fellow coach's sentiments revealing that reaching stardom, even with the help of a successful show, is deceptively difficult. "It just doesn't happen that way. It didn't happen that way for me either. For instance when I sang for the Mickey Mouse club, the alum has huge names: Britney [Spears], Justin [Timberlake], Ryan Gosling." The "32-year-old singer says. "All these names come from that show but right after the show did we all rocket to success right after? No, it takes time."

Host Daly boasts that the NBC hit continues to raise the bar each and every season with the level of talent and fan excitement, so perhaps this is the year that a Voice superstar will smash the charts.

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