Katy Perry Shares First Look at Killer Queen Fragrance Ad—See the Sexy Pic!

Singer tweets first look at her royal-themed campaign for her third scent

By Rose Curiel Jul 26, 2013 7:50 PMTags
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The queen has spoken—or rather, tweeted!

Katy Perry took to Twitter to share the first look at the oh-so-regal campaign for her new fragrance, Killer Queen.

"I'm thrilled to reveal #KILLERQUEEN Own the Throne!" the singer tweeted, along with a picture of the eye-catching ad.

And the singer definitely owns it in the first campaign shot, sitting pretty atop an overturned throne with a tilted crown atop her insanely perfect curls. She proudly holds on to a scepter topped with—you guessed it!—her jewel-like perfume bottle in hand. 

Twitter, Getty Images

As for the rest of her outfit, Perry rocks a seriously sexy pair of stiletto boots with notice-me studded lace-up ribbons that we definitely can't picture anyone in the royal family wearing! Ditto for the ultra-sultry corset dress and leg-flaunting hemline of her voluminous skirt.

This isn't the first time Perry has filled her Katycats in on the progress of her third fragrance, which follows her successful Purr and Meow perfumes, via Twitter. Just last month she unveiled the design for her bottle over the social networking site, and admitted she's been hard at work perfecting the scent.

"OK! I have been working on my 3rd fragrance for over a year & want to unveil the look NOW! What do you think?!" she wrote.

And in that year, she definitely took a hands-on approach to making sure her fragrance was just right.

"It took us something like 30 or 35 tries to get it right," the singer told Women's Wear Daily. "I wanted some floral [notes], like jasmine, but I also wanted red velvet flower, which is incredible—it gives it the edge that makes it Killer Queen."

If the resulting fragrance is anywhere near as edgy as Perry's new ad, then we're sure Killer Queen won't disappoint!

What do you think of Katy's new ad?

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