Justin Bieber "Blessed" by Toronto Maple Leafs Hockey Team—Watch Now

Pop star jokes sports team is drafting him to play for new season

By Rebecca Macatee Jul 26, 2013 7:53 PMTags

Who knew the Toronto Maple Leafs were such Beliebers?

The professional hockey team presented—or "blessed," if we're using His terminology—Justin Bieber with an autographed hockey stick Friday.

The 19-year-old excitedly showed off his gift from the team in an Instagram video. "So I just got blessed with this right here," he says, then pans along the framed stick. "Every player from the Toronto Maple Leafs signed this stick—and they presented it to me! Justin Bieber!"  

The Maple Leafs CEO, Tim Leiweke, even got a brief (albeit cut-off mid-sentence) appearance in the clip, saying, "And we've never done this before. This is only—." (Sorry, Mr. Lewieke, Instavids are prime real estate!)

Young Bieber has been all about hockey this week. On Tuesday, the native Canadian posted two more Leaf-themed videos to Instagram with pals Lil Za and Maejor Ali. The boys even showed off their (air) hockey moves. "Ummm if we don't get drafted its a problem ," the "Believe" singer wrote, adding, "lol jk"

"So as you all know the Leafs, um, haven't been doing great lately but this year they're going to be spectacular," he said, adding jokingly that he and his pals "are all playing for the Leafs this year."

Hm. Well, Justin might not actually be hitting the ice, but he doesn't seem to be ruffling any leaves feathers like he did earlier this month at the Chicago Blackhawks home arena. First the Biebs angered fans by posing with the Stanley Cup, and others interpreted his standing on the logo as a major sign of disrespect.

But a spokesman for the Chicago Blackhawks explained to E! News the pop star was just "very excited" to see the Stanley Cup and that he "inadvertently stepped on the team logo on the floor but moved off quickly once immediately reminded." He was "apologetic," and the team spokesman said they "appreciate his enthusiasm towards hockey."

One love, y'all. #TeamBieber!