Beauty and the Beast, Kristin Kreuk, Jay Ryan

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Attention Ben & Jerry's, Jay Ryan is awaiting your call!

The Beauty and the Beast star is hoping for a hookup with the ice cream company after fans of the series' main couple Vincent (Ryan) and Catherine (Kristin Kreuk) watch the season-two premiere, telling us at Comic-Con, "Their sales will go up 99 percent and I want some freebies!" Yes, VinCat fans, you may want to make a grocery store run prior to watching  the episode (We'll take a pint of "Phish Food," please and thank you!) as Kreuk tells us it's "achingly romantic."

Of course, we also chatted with the attractive duo about their passionate fanbase, who've helped them win some major awards over here at E! Online...

Gird your loins and prepare for feels, Beasties, as Kreuk tells us the season two premiere will make you ache!

"Oh, it's a really intense episode. The show's pace is going up this season, so a lot is happening," she teases. "We're three months ahead; three months has passed since the finale, so they're getting filled in on a lot of what happened during that time. It's going to be kind of achingly romantic."

Kreuk also says that fans can expect "a full rich mythology" in season two, with less of a procedural element, as Ryan adds, "This season the fans are almost going to be one or two steps ahead for each character, so they're going to know what's behind the door. It's going to have this thriller, nail-biting tension to it."

The show's fanbase is one of TV's most passionate, leading Beauty and the Beast to win seven categories in our 2013 Golden Remote Awards, including Kreuk for Drama Mama. "Thank you Beasties, that's so rad! I love that, that's awesome!" Kreuk gushes of winning the prize. "I have a really wonderful job I get to do and I get to go to work with them in mind; there's these people that love what we do and that's very gratifying."

Ryan was uber-grateful for the show's fans voting him E! Hottie of the Week recently (with over 99 percent of all votes!), but has a mission for Beasties, should they choose to accept it:

"Thank you! I did see that, and my girlfriend thought that was very cool as well. She started calling me hottie of the week that week, so make me win again so she keeps calling me hottie of the week!"

Beauty and the Beast returns Monday, Oct. 7 at 9 p.m. on the CW.

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