Batman, Henry Cavill

Getty Images; Warner Bros. Pictures

Are you ready for this?!

Two of the biggest superheroes known to man will be going head-to-head on the big screen at a theater near you.

Warner Brothers announced Saturday at Comic-Con that the studio would be bringing Superman and Batma together for the first time in the sequel to Man of Steel.

Man of Steel director Zack Snyder thanked everyone for supporting Man of Steel while onstage and then casually announced, "It's official: We're making another Superman movie."

Snyder insisted that he couldn't say anything about the film, but explained that he had "pored through the DC Universe to look for a way to tell this thing," and then said there was one thing he could share.

Actor Harry Lennix then took the stage and gave a dramatic reading of a famous line from The Dark Knight Returns.

"I want you to remember, Clark. In all the years to come. In all your most private moments. I want you to remember my hand at your throat. I want you to remember the one man who beat you."

"I'm so excited to begin working again with Henry Cavill in the world we created, and I can't wait to expand the DC Universe in this next chapter," Snyder said in a statement.

"Let's face it, it's beyond mythological to have Superman and our new Batman facing off, since they are the greatest Superheroes in the world."

Amy Adams, Laurence Fishburne and Diane Lane will also return for the Superman/Batman movie, however it's not known who will play Batman since Christian Bale has said he's done playing the Caped Crusader.

The film is slated for a summer 2015 release.

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