Two and a Half Men Shake-Up: Angus T. Jones Cut From Opening Credits

For The First Time in a Decade, Angus T. Jones is Out of Two and a Half Mens Opening Song

By Kristin Dos Santos, Leanne Aguilera Jul 19, 2013 2:21 AMTags
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What do you call Two and a Half Men when there's no half man?

The CBS comedy is going through yet another change-up in preperation for their new season, but this time it's all about the song and dance.

E! News sources confirm that the Two and a Half Men will be re-shooting their 30-second intro, and the new Season 11 opening will not include recently demoted actor Angus T. Jones. TVLine first reported the news. But the question is, who will replace the young actor's signature, "Aaahh's," at the end of the theme song? 

Two and a Half Men's credits, which has featured Jones each season since the show's premiere in 2003, has always included a trio singing the same fan-favorite diddy. So who will be joining series regulars Jon Cryer and Ashton Kutcher in Season 11? We're guessing that the new half man's spot could eventually be filled by upcoming character Jenny, Charlie Harper's (Charlie Sheen) daughter. Although the role is yet to be cast.

E! News was the first to exclusively report that Jenny, Two and a Half Men's newest recurring character, will be sexy, gorgeous and gay. The Season 11 newbie is the 21-year-old illegitimate daughter of deceased Charlie, and is said to share many of her father's traits, including a love of women.

Jones received a wave of backlash last November when he repeatedly trashed his own show on camera and called it "filth." Although the 19-year-old actor apologized for his unprovoked rant, CBS decided to drop Jones as a series regular from the show's new upcoming season.

Producer Chuck Lorre has since said that Jones will be back whenever he has a few days off from college, so he will be appearing off-and-on throughout the season — just not in the show's opening credits. Though it remains to be seen how much we will actually see him.

Two and a Half Men goes back into production mid-August and will air this fall on CBS.