UPDATE: Styles explained what happened on the BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show with Nick Grimshaw, "I think everyone thinks it's because I was drinking, but it was actually because I ate, I had dinner too close to stage time so I was just so full."

Poor Harry Styles.

The young One Direction crooner seemed to be feeling nauseous during the band's Pittsburgh concert on Monday, when he was recorded running behind some set pieces during the middle of a song and appearing to throw up.

Styles, who was playing pool with his "lad" the night before, was spotted crouching over with a towel and water bottle to help settle his stomach, while the rest of the boys continued to perform "Rock Me" and covered for their pal.

In the video, viewers can also see Zayn Malik worriedly peeking at Harry while attempting to continue with the song (after all, these two are extremely close).

At one point, the 19-year-old decided to go on with the show and apologized to the crowd for being absent, however it seemed like the celeb wasn't completely well and rushed off the stage after singing the opening verse for "Teenage Dirtbag" for a bit.

But there's no need to fret—it seems like the young star is doing just fine now.

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