If there's anyone who knows about dressing to impress for a special event, it's British restaurateur and reality star Lisa Vanderpump.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star sat down with E! to offer some tips for getting party-ready and, more importantly, helping  your guests plan what to wear.

First, be aware of what's on your guests' feet: Do you ever get a sinking feeling—literally—when attending a friend's outdoor fete?

"Grass and heels never go together," Vanderpump said. "So always let your guests know if you're going to be on the grass."

Giving your guests a heads-up that grass is in the party picture can help them decide if they're going wedge it, go for flats, or brave the mud and still wear heels. Smart advice!

Another tip from Ms. Vanderpump seems obvious but is easy to get wrong: "Make sure you've got great lighting," she offered. You want your guests to be able to see each other and engage in conversation, as well as to appreciate the decor of the venue and the food being served.

Weather matters too.

"Always have some, say, wraps on hand if it gets chilly," suggested Vanderpump. She recommends having a few wraps or sweaters around in case any of your female guests get cold during an outdoor party.

The real key to throwing a successful party is to create an ambiance—which Vanderpump explains is as easy as making your guests comfortable before they even arrive.

"I always let my guests know, give them an indication, of what kind of celebration or what kind of evening it will be," Lisa explained.

She suggests giving an idea of what you, as the party host, are wearing so that guests can choose their own ensembles accordingly.

"I think people need to feel that they're appropriately dressed to feel comfortable," she reasoned.  

We totally agree, Lisa!

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