OK, we're starting to hope Desiree Hartsock actually does end up alone!

E! News has an exclusive sneak peek at tonight's Bachelorette, and let's just say that when Des puts that weasely (not to mention beefy and overly tanned) James on the spot, we can't help but cringe.

After the other guys tell Des that James is only doing the show to become the next Bachelor, she confronts him, and James defends his Bachelor talk. "The conversation was about scenarios," James explains. "And if you become the Bachelor and if I was Des' husband. There's nothing wrong with that!"

And then he gives this line: "I'm not here to hurt your feelings. I'm here to fall in love with you."

Des looks as if she needs an air-sickness bag (don't we all!), but ends up kissing James and telling him she likes him. Still, she isn't completely sold. "I have these things that the guys have told me," Des says, "and I haven't seen them myself, so now I'm even more confused."

In the promo for tonight's episode, we also see Des bursting into tears and declaring, "I don't know what to do! I almost resent the guys for putting this on me!"

Right. So much better to watch it from home after you've already picked him!

James seems more determined than ever to stick around, saying this about the other guys who ratted him out: "I'm not going anywhere. And they can watch me walk off into the sunset with her."

The Bachelorette travels to Barcelona tonight and we hear it's the most dramatic elimination so far this season. Do you think it will be James?

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