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Editor's Note: Season six Bachelorette and current host of NBC's 1st Look Ali Fedotowsky is blogging exclusively on E! Online about the current season of The Bachelorette, giving her reactions and spilling behind-the-scenes secrets.

I thought last night's episode was crazy good! What did you guys think? So much drama and awkwardness—definitely the best episode of the season.

First, the lovey-dovey date of the episode—Desiree and Chris! How adorable are they?! Normally, when a guy doesn't get a 1-on-1 date until this late in the season, I usually don't think he stands a chance of getting the final rose... but there's just something about Chris and Des! When he read that poem, I was honestly in tears. Chris is so endearing. And so is Desiree. If she chooses him as her guy, I see it being a relationship that could last! Do you agree?

OK, let's quickly talk about Bryden. I think it was so NOT cool of him to interrupt Chris' date to tell Desiree he wanted to leave. There is no reason that couldn't have waited. I really don't respect his choice to tell her during a date. Did he make the right choice by leaving? Yes. But it was pretty obvious that Des wasn't really into him either. She got emotional, but it was most likely because it hurt her feelings that a guy would choose to leave. I completely understand how she felt! 

Desiree proved that she's a tough cookie on that group date. Wow! Guys were crashing sleds into her, tackling her in the snow, and nailing her with snowballs and she totally took it all in stride. She's amazing! You can tell that she's into James, so I'm worried that she'll be heartbroken if she finds out he's trying to be the next Bachelor. I'm not a fan of James. 

That 2-on-1 date might be the most awkward date in Bachelorette history! I was sweating just watching it. Ha!  Why the heck would Michael tell Desiree that he likes confrontation? Michael was a little too conformational for my taste. I think Des should've sent them both home. Regardless, you can usually be pretty certain that neither of the people on the 2-on-1 date (on any season) will be "the one" in the end. So even though Michael got this rose, I doubt he'll get the rose in the end. Has anyone on a 2-on-1 date ever ended up being the one in the end? I'm pretty positive it's never happened.

Time for Twitter questions!

Stephanie (@stephanievicent) asks: How much is the wardrobe budget for the guys? Or do they all just know to pack snowsuits?
Ha! You're told to bring certain types of clothes, but the snowsuits were definitely provided by the show. When we went camping on my season of the Bachelor, the producers gave us all camping stuff. We didn't know to pack that in advance. You may have noticed that all the guys had similar jackets on. 

Julie (@Julsluv) asks: Do they interrupt your dates to interview you? Does it ruin the mood/moment?
Yeah, the dates have breaks every couple hours so the producers can interview you. It doesn't really ruin the mood. I always liked it. If the date was going well, I liked gushing about it to my producer Cassie (Cassie was like a best friend to me). If the date was going badly, I especially loved the interview so I could get a break from an awkward date!

Katie (@KShaw411) asks: Does the Bachelor(ette) know the travel locations at the beginning of the season?  Do they get to choose the cities at all?
I didn't know. The producers told me the night of the rose ceremony where the next location was. I liked it, though! It was exciting! 

Make sure to follow me on Twitter because I live-tweet during the show every Monday night and could answer your question in my blog next week.  And next week looks soooo good! Looks like Drew will put James in his place. I can't wait!

Until next week...


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