Hugh Jackman, Prisoners


You think Hugh Jackman is tough as Wolverine? 

Get a load of him as a distraught dad whose daughter has gone missing in the latest trailer for Prisoners!

In the kidnapping thriller-with-a-twist, Jackman and Maria Bello play a couple whose kid eerily disappears along with the daughter of the friends they are visiting, played by Terrence Howard and Viola Davis.

Enter Jake Gyllenhaal as Detective Loki, who, if he can't crack the case, is at least easy on the eyes as ever.

He vows to find both girls, after which all goes to hell.

Paul Dano plays a creepy-looking guy with an even creepier RV whom everyone assumes took the kids, but the cops can't prove it, prompting Jackman's increasingly desperate father to take matters into his own hands.

Candlelit vigils, police station interrogations, angry living room confrontations and close-up forensic work ensues until it's revealed (in the trailer, so we'll be on the lookout for more twists) that Jackman has snatched up Dano in quest for the truth.

"Someone has to make him talk, or they're going to die," Jackman tells an alarmed Howard, who insists, "They don't even know that it's him...This ain't right."

But if the movie's done right, it's going to make for one heck of a nail-biter. Denis Villenueve, a Foreign Language Film Oscar nominee in 2011 for Incendies, directed and Hollywood veteran Roger Deakins did the cinematography.

Prisoners is due in theaters Sept. 20, just in time to scare parents stiff when they send their kids back to school.

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