Brandi Glanville, John Kerwin

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UPDATE: Responding to the comment put out by Glanville's camp, The John Kerwin Show fired back with an official statement of its own:

"Brandi has HPV and didn't tell me. Luckily, I stopped after she performed oral sex. If you study Brandi's history, it becomes clear that she's far from a lady," the funnyman said.

Kerwin also took issue with her rep's comment about his parents.

"I told Brandi how lucky she is, as MY mother had recently passed away," he noted. "Brandi was so self-involved, she just nodded and then showed me a picture on her cell phone of the artwork from her upcoming book cover."


Brandi Glanville definitely doesn't think much of guys who kiss and tell.

A rep for the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star is taking talk-show host John Kerwin to task for comments he gave to Radar Online recently. Kerwin discussed intimate details of a date he and Glanville went on, which painted her in an unfavorable light, to say the least.

Kerwin told the tabloid he thought it was "whacked" that Brandi supposedly failed to inform him she had the Human Papillomavirus, aka HPV, an STD she said she got from ex-hubby Eddie Cibrian and which she wrote about in her controversial tell-all Drinking and Tweeting.

He also described their kinky makeout session and suggested the title of a second book she's supposedly writing should be called "My Life as an Open Sore."

In a short statement to E! News, Glanville's publicist, Steve Honig, slammed Kerwin for failing to show any class.

"It's unfortunate John Kerwin's parents never taught him how to act like a gentleman," the rep said. "Perhaps when he learns how to show respect toward other people he will be more successful, both personally and professionally."

For her part, Glanville hasn't addressed the comments or Kerwin directly. But she did hint at her displeasure on her Twitter page. 

"Let's all block and not respond to the pyscho guy I went on one date with a year and a half ago. BLOCK & don't MENTION on my Timeline thanks," she tweeted.

Kerwin could not be reached for comment.

—Reporting by Katie Rhames

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