Royal Baby Memorabilia

What better way to celebrate the joyful birth of Prince William and Kate Middleton's baby than with some royal memorabilia for yourself?

Businesses in the United Kingdom as well as the States are cashing in with adorable possessions perfectly branded for the special moment in history. 

Just like with the royal wedding, commoners all around the world have the opportunity to add some regality to their lives with some London swag.

Royal Baby, Kate Middleton, Prince William

Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Interior designers of all levels will love the plush "Royal Baby" pillows, each of which is complete with a crown, teddy bear and guardsman stitched on top. Whether it's used in the baby's room or family couch, the accessory could provide both style and comfort to any home, palace or castle.

Experienced moms always on the go can take advantage of the royal baby-themed iPhone case as they travel along in their family vans. (Who says blinged-out phones are a necessity these days anyway? Carriages are all the rage.)

Expectant moms are covered, too. As Kate herself experienced, morning sickness—sometimes extreme morning sickness—can accompany the early stages of pregnancy. Naturally, any lady bracing for this unpleasantness should have some sick bags on hand. Vomiting is never pleasant, but tossing one's cookies into a royal-themed sick bag might help to the experience a wee bit more bearable.  

Heathrow Free T

Newborns, even the ones whose mums didn't wait to name them after the royal baby, can partake in the festivities, too. Because really, what infant wouldn't look adorable in an Auntie Pippa Middleton or Uncle Prince Harry baby bib?

And for any tots wanting cool kicks, the toddler booties—complete with the Union Jack design—are an absolute must. Hurry up and order now, though, because we hear they're a popular sell.

Some travelers will just happen upon their very own free royal memorabilia by sheer luck! The first 1,000 people to arrive in each terminal of London's Heathrow Airport at the time of the royal baby's birth receive a complimentary  "Celebrating a Very Special New Arrival" T-shirt and gift bag with filled with Walkers shortbread biscuits and Twinings Tea. 

We've waited long enough, now it's time to treat ourselves. As we welcome the newest Windsor family member into the world, take a look at our favorite and oh-so-cute royal baby-inspired items.

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