Victoria Beckham, David Beckham Facebook


No more Posh pout!

David Beckham proved Victoria Beckham does indeed smile in a Facebook post yesterday.

The adorable pic shows his wife in a candid moment, grabbing the camera to take a selfie and showing off her pearly whites.

The soccer stud captioned the pic, "See I told you she smiles."

Last month, the fashion designer also addressed the topic with naysayers and took to Twitter to show off a particular photo.

While the 39-year-old was only slightly smirking in the pic, she insisted that it was a smile, and wrote a personalized caption that read, "Look, I'm smiling!"

It appears that both Beckhams are pros at making funny faces.

The father of four recently visited a children's hospital in China and cheered up the patients with his goofy expressions.

Silly or not, the Beckhams are one good-looking couple!

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