Katie Holmes, Luke Kirby

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Things between Katie Holmes and Luke Kirby have been getting pretty hot and heavy…on the set of Mania Days.

Fine, so these two costars are just acting, but you could've convinced us!

But just who is the handsome 34-year-old Toronto-born, Brooklyn-based actor making out with Tom Cruise's ex? Here are five things you need to know about Luke Kirby.

Luke Kirby

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1. He's a Self-Described "Drama Nerd": Luke graduated from Canada's National Theatre School in 2000. From there, he landed a few movie parts, including one in 2002's Halloween: Resurrection. He also played characters on Blue Bloods, Person of Interest and Law & Order. He wound up acting along Lindsay Lohan in 2009's Labor Pains, before moving on to some notable roles in The Samaritan and Take This Waltz. He currently stars on the Sundance Channel's show Rectify and told Interview magazine he gets "to do some theater occasionally," but would like to take on more. And at the heart of it all, Luke proudly describes himself as "a drama nerd."

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2. He Watched Dawson's Creek: Ah, yes, Luke got to know Katie as Joey Potter, the endearing, smirking girl next door we all fell in love with back in the '90s. He told Grolsch Filmworks he'd watched the show "since high school because I grew up in the '90s" and he "occasionally flipped the channel" to see what those Capeside kids were up to.

Luke Kirby, Michelle Williams, Take This Waltz

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3. He's Also Worked With Michelle Williams: The actress Katie first knew as Jen Lindley played Luke's forbidden onscreen love in 2011's Take This Waltz. And yes, they talked about Michelle's Dawson's Creek days with Katie. "It came up a bit, you know; she certainly had nothing but fond memories of that, I guess," Luke told Grolsch Film Works.  "The day we finished, after we all said our goodbyes, I did turn the TV on and Dawson's Creek was on, so we sat back and enjoyed that for a bit."

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Katie Holmes, Luke Kirby

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4. He Enjoys Woodworking: Not unlike Parks and Rec's Ron Swanson, Luke appreciates the process of building things. "I have been taking some classes in woodworking," he told Interview magazine. "It's really helpful just looking at a problem, and having a very tangible way in constructing it. So much of the work that I'm used to begins in such a muddy realm and you try to shed light on it, make something grow out of it, but you don't really have anything to show for it except for the actually doing of it. But with woodworking, it's really sort of gratifying to be able to have an actual piece to touch, and then step back and be able to share it." The first thing he made? "A cabinet."

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5. He's Eager to Learn: It's not all work and no play for Luke! He explained to Interview, "You try to fill your life with hobbies; [acting] is really so satisfying when you're doing it, and definitely feeds your imagination and creativity to a great degree, but you can't really take much away from it to show for it. I try to fill my time with other things." In addition to woodworking, Luke's taken "some painting classes," can still get "a nice, smooth ride" on his skateboard and makes a point "to keep myself engaged in a variety of things."

Luke might not be jumping on couches anytime soon, but he sure seems like the kind of guy you'd like to get to know!

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