Ricky Gervais, Johnny Depp, Twit Pic


Ricky Gervais and Johnny Depp together cover a lot of bases when it comes to appealing qualities.

But Gervais was far more concerned today as to which of them is, simply, more aesthetically pleasing. So he asked his Twitter followers to weigh in!

"Seriously, who's better looking? RT for Cool Gervais Favourite for Ugly Depp," the actor and cocreator of The Office tweeted today, along with a picture of himself and Depp that appears to have been taken in 2011, when Depp guest-starred on Life Is Too Short and pretended to be super-scorned by Gervais' cracks about him at the Golden Globes.

The results of Gervais' little experiment?

At press time, Depp is just edging Gervais with 1,157 favorites to 1,077 retweets for the Brit—so it's no blowout yet!

Meanwhile, we took the liberty of favoriting and retweeting, for parity's sake.

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