Who knew Zach Galifianakis and Chelsea Handler were once snuggle bunnies?

During the funnyman's appearance on Wednesday night's Chelsea Lately to plug The Hangover Part III, Chelsea couldn't resist reminding him they once shared a hotel together in San Francisco when they were doing stand-up comedy years ago.

"Or I was trying to do stand-up comedy," quipped the funnylady. "I was starting out, and then we shared a bed."

"That's right. It was a single," said Galifianakis.

Needless to say, the two proceeded to mock each other over the memory. While she liked Zach "a little heavier then," there was "no penetration," as Chelsea jokingly suggested she "knew it would be disappointing." 

To which Galifianakis replied, "What, did you read your diary today?"

"Since then, you've managed to find someone to marry you, which is amazing. Congratulations," cracked the funnylady.

That prompted this zinger from The Hangover star.

"Thank you, Chelsea. And since then, you've managed to have a talk show, which is amazing considering the Chelsea I knew used to sleep in grandma panties and a giant bra," he joked. "Remember the bra you were wearing?"

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