Watch out, Ryan Seacrest: La Toya Jackson and Chelsea Handler might be the next American Idol judges!

Well, in their imaginations, at least. On Monday's Chelsea Lately, the late-night host poked some fun at the Fox show, and La Toya kinda seriously talked about an Idol future.

"Everyone is still abuzz about last week's stunning American Idol season finale," Chelsea said, grimacing. "Well, they would be if it was six years ago and people still gave a s--t."

"The rumor is that they're looking to replace the judges," she went on. "And because it can't get any worse, I decided to throw my hat into the sinking ship ring…So to increase my chances I partnered up with one of the greatest recording artists of all time. I'm of course talking about La Toya Jackson."

The two ladies then sat side by side. Chelsea sarcastically said, "I would make a great judge! That's why I'm here."

La Toya chimed in, more seriously than Chelsea, saying, "Like Simon Cowell, [I'm] very opinionated. I know everything—"

Chelsea cut her off, laughingly telling her she "sounds like a chipmunk."

Ultimately, though, Chelsea decided they should both be judges. "Plus we would be saving more space," she quips. "Because two of us equal one Mariah Carey."

Oh, dear. Mariah dahhhling will not be amused.

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