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Jennifer Cooper, E!

Brit Marling and Alexander Skarsgård are generating anarchy—not to mention major heat—in The East.

In an exclusive chat with E! News at a NY special screening hosted by Piaget, the actors talked about their roles in the upcoming socially conscious spy thriller, which was a hit at this year's Sundance film festival, as well as the "steamy love scenes" they had together.

And for all you True Blood fans, we also teased from Skarsgård a sneak peek regarding the sixth season of his critically acclaimed vampire series.

But first The East, which follows an intrepid FBI agent (Marling) who infiltrates an anarchist gang but ends up falling in love with its charismatic leader (Skarsgård).

Alexander Skarsgard, Brit Marling, Patricia Clarkson, The East End

Jennifer Cooper, E!

Aside from doing all her own stunts playing an undercover operative who participates in the gang's targeting of multinationals, the 29-year-old actress also had the opportunity to get hot and heavy with her 36-year-old Swedish costar, a chance she said she couldn't pass up.

"She is this spy and she goes in this group made up of anarchists, and she is moved by the leader, who is played by Alexander, so we have some steamy love scenes," revealed Marling.

As for kissing Skarsgård, Marling added she had no complaints.

"If we want to do a sequel that's just kissing Alexander, I would be totally fine by that!" she said with a laugh, adding that the film is not only an espionage flick but "an intense love story" that allowed her to explore her emotional romantic side.

Alexander Skarsgard

Jennifer Cooper, E!

For his part, Alexander told E! News he was drawn to the script for more intellectual reasons, such as the lack of corporate and government accountability in today's society.

"What I loved about the way it was written was that it's about a woman that works for a corporation and she infiltrates the group. But it's not like she worked for the bad evil corporations and she fought side by side with them and she lived happily ever after," he notes. "It's much more in-depth than that. They don't agree on everything within the group, and that is why it raised so many questions of morality."

Patricia Clarkson, who plays the head of an intelligence firm that protects multiconglomerates from the anarchists' mischief, called her character a departure from what she normally plays.

"I am a powerful heat-seeking lady!" exclaimed the Oscar-nominated actress. "It's rare that I get to play a role like this 'cause I am so often in the home with children and a husband who's done something very wrong or right."

Patricia Clarkson

Jennifer Cooper, E!

Meanwhile, Skarsgård also gave E! News a preview of what's in store for his bloodsucking alter ego, Eric Northman, on True Blood.

"He is doing some evil stuff this year," the thesp revealed with a smile, adding that it's been fun dabbling in Eric's darker side. "You get to play around with both [good and evil sides], which is always more interesting than one extreme or the other. It's always more fun when you have both within. It's like a struggle."

The East hits theaters on May 31, while True Blood's new season debuts on HBO June 16.

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