Ben Affleck's Saturday Night Live promo has just hit the Web plugging his stint hosting the season finale this weekend with musical guest Kanye West.

And based on the banter he has with funnyman Bill Hader, it looks like someone could use a little geography lesson.

"Just saw Argo. Wow, man. Where'd you get the idea for that?" asked Hader.

"Bill, all that stuff really happened," replied Affleck.

"But you made up the country, right? Iran, I mean how'd you come up with that?" asked the comedian, who just announced yesterday he's exiting SNL after this season.

The promo's series of clips also included Affleck's pretty spot-on impersonation of Hader and a bit about how much the two of them loved his movie, Fargo.

At least Ben didn't tell him to Argo f--k himself!

(E! and Saturday Night Live are part of the NBCUniversal family.)

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