Bill Hader Leaving SNL: The 5 Characters We'll Miss the Most (Here's to You, Stefon)

E! News takes a look at five of the funnyman's SNL alter egos

By Josh Grossberg May 14, 2013 6:16 PMTags
Bill Hader, SNL, Saturday Night Live Dana Edelson/NBC

With the news that Bill Hader is exiting Saturday Night Live after eight seasons, the NBC sketch comedy series will be without one of its most popular cast members—not to mention the memorable characters he played.

In honor of the comedian, E! News rounds up five of our favorites:

1. Stefon: We just can't resist Weekend Update's fabulously weird New York City nightclub correspondent with a penchant for suggesting not only bizarre late night destinations, but also some pretty crazy characters he's come across—from Teddy Graham People and Hobocops (homeless robo) to club owners like Tranderson Cooper and and Blow J. Simpson. Stefon, whose last name is Zolesky (in case you were wondering), is in love with anchor Seth Meyers and is always touching his hair and face.

2. Vinny Vedecci: Hader struck comedy gold with his chain-smoking Italian talk show host alter ego, who wears a white suit and black tie and interviews a host of celebrities. But not before chewing out his crew—usually a mustachioed Fred Armisen. His questions aren't the most original ("Seth Rogen, you're in movies. Why?"), but the humorous culture clash made for some pretty gut-busting skits.

3. Greg the Alien: He's not your average sportscaster, that's for sure. While his colleague, Greg, of Game Time With Randy and Greg, insists his partner's "not an alien," Hader's often elastic facial expressions and odd behavior would seem to prove otherwise. Let that be a warning to those who cross Greg's path!

4. Herb Welch: The aging veteran reporter is on the scene, though you might have a little trouble getting any actual news out of him because he's pretty senile. And his eye-hand coordination leaves much to be desired. Just ask Anne Hathaway!

5. Vince Blight: There's never been a game show skit where Bill Hader wasn't hamming it up with his best Wink Martindale impression. One of his more memorable characters is Vince Blight, the smooth-talking host of What's That Name? With his raised eyebrow and smarmy grin, he's one for the books.