Can't get over how insanely flawless Kate Moss bod looked in her new St. Tropez campaign?

Neither can we. While we'd need to log in some serious gym time to get her killer shape, the Brit babe's gorgeous glow is—thankfully!—a bit easier to come by. 


Given the fact that she's the face of a St. Tropez and that she calls the notoriously gloomy London home, it's no surprise the supermodel got a little help with her beautifully bronzed look. But if you're worried your attempt to replicate her sun-kissed style might result in an orange mess, the brand's Celebrity Tanning & Skin Finishing Expert Nichola Joss, who helped prep Moss for the shoot, is sharing the secrets to achieving a streak-free sun-kissed look.

And while you may already be familiar with some of her tips, like exfoliating prior to applying your tanner, she fills us in on which areas we should concentrate on scrubbing. Plus, she gives us fade-resistant tips that can keep us looking like Kate well into the summer!

For more on Kate and St. Tropez, tune in to E! News on Thursday at 7 p.m. and 11:30 p.m. 

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