Katherine Schwarzenegger Launches Lifestyle Website

Maria Shriver's daughter announces new project on Instagram

By Rose Curiel May 07, 2013 11:04 PMTags
Katherine SchwarzeneggerMichael Buckner/Getty Images

While her brother Patrick Schwarzenegger may have been in the news lately for his clubbing activitiesKatherine Schwarzenegger is focusing on much more creative endeavors.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver's oldest daughter took to her Instagram today to unveil her latest project.

"I am so happy to announce the launch of my new lifestyle website!" she shared, along with a pic and link to the new site. "Check it out and let me know what you think! Xo"

Looks like this apple didn't fall too far from the tree! Mama Maria is an award-winning journalist after all, and, in addition to offering style advice, the entrepreneurial 23-year-old is covering the health and fitness topics that are near and dear to her dad. 

And it looks like mom couldn't be more proud!

"My daughter @KSchwarzenegger's website went live today," the gushing mom tweeted. "It's beautiful, interesting & inspiring...just like her."

And because Katherine must know that many of us are interested in her access to her famous mom and other famous faces, she's also promised to give us a peek into world of the high-profile pals she runs with.

"I also have a whole section dedicated to the tastemakers/experts in my life, so you'll get to hear from my fabulous friends, family and colleagues as well!" she gushes in the "About" section of her site.

While she currently shares posts from fashion blogger and an L.A.-based florist, we're hoping the following weeks bring a few more recognizable names, like Emma Roberts, who took the time to tweet "I love it! Congrats xo" in reply to Katherine's announcement.