It's safe to say Tobey Maguire would gladly welcome a new neighbor, just as long as it's not Laura Linney!

In a clip from his movie The Details, available on demand now, Maguire meets with the actress who plays a demanding and controlling neighbor.

Before heading off to work for the day, the 37-year-old is confronted by Linney who is not happy with the construction project going on nearby at his house.

"Look at all this dust floating around," Linney explains. "It's everywhere!"

In hopes of calming her down, Maguire generously agrees to do whatever it takes to clean up the mess.

"You give me the bill, I'll give you the check," Maguire says. "I just want you to be happy."

Unfortunately, it's not enough to please the difficult neighbor who later admits she only gets a few hours of sleep per week. Poor Tobey, he certainly has his hands full.

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