The members of the Black Eyed Peas may be off doing their own things right now, but they're still keeping tabs on each other. 

Taboo stopped by the E! News livestream on the red carpet tonight at the Billboard Latin Music Awards in Miami, and along with expressing his excitement to be attending the event, the artist gave an update on his bandmate and expectant mom Fergie

"Fergie's doing very well, I'm so proud of her," he told us. "I was the first Pea to have kids—you know how it is—I have three wonderful children, and when we talked about that time, and Fergie would say 'Tab, what is it like?' I always told her when the time is right, it's gonna happen for you and God bless her and I can't wait to see baby Ferg." 

And since Taboo has already gone down that road a few times, he was happy to provide a few words of wisdom for the mama-to-be and her hubby, Josh Duhamel.

"Just being present, being there for your children," Tab offered in the way of parenting advice.

"I know that being in the entertainment first son, I had to sacrifice being away, being on tour a lot and I wasn't really present. My son is now 20 years old, which I'm very proud of, he turned out very well. But, just being there for your kids and knowing to nurture their dreams and their aspirations as my grandmother did. My abuela did that for me." 

Muchas gracias, papa Taboo!

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