Chewbacca, Jabba the Hutt, Greedo, Star Wars, Best Aliens


Jawas. Tauntauns. Wookiees. Mon Calamari.

Apparently, the one thing more expansive than Jabba the Hutt's waist size (worm size?) is the Star Wars universe's gluttonously excessive panoply of aliens, who run the gamut from furry to slimy, miniscule to monstrous. (Please stand clear of the passing Rancor. Thank you.)

And what better time to celebrate that which hath sprung from Master Jedi George Lucas' imagination than on May 4—that pun-tastic date tailor-made for vocifeorus "May the Force be with you" greetings and salutations.

Can't blame geeks for getting all giddy this time around: Last year, fanboys' heads spontaneously combusted with the news that new Stars Wars films would be coming down the pike in the wake of a Disney buyout of Galactic Empire proportions.

And the nerd herd won't have wait for (too) long: Fans can expect to see a new Force-fed film every year beginning in 2015.

It's almost enough to make you break out into song with the Max Rebo Band.

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