Here's the story by the numbers:

77: Parliament voters in favor of New Zealand's Marriage Amendment Bill (vs. 44 nays).

13: Countries that have now legalized same-sex marriage (including Canada and Spain).

1: Countries that legalized same-sex marriage in the Asia-Pacific region (N.Z.'s the first!).

100s: New Zealanders who broke into song after it was announced that the bill had passed.

But really, all you need to do is watch the above video.

The gallery filled with gay rights advocates who broke into the song, "Pokarekare Ana," as Parliament members congratulated each other on the historic ruling (some people on the floor joined in singing too!) If you're not able to decipher the words to the tune, it's because it's in Maori, an indigenous language of New Zealand.

The bill was first introduced by Labour MP Louisa Wall, seen in the video on the floor of Parliament wearing a multi-colored top, and will go in to effect in mid-August.

Keep your fingers crossed that we'll get some singing in the Supreme Court soon!

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