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Selena Gomez's latest fashion statement came through loud and clear again tonight.

Despite some criticism from a Hindu organization and the Twitterverse, Gomez once again rocked a bindi while performing the Bollywood-inflected "Come & Get It" on Dancing With the Stars' Tuesday elimination show.

And, considering she kept the look for Ellen as well, it appears that the bindi isn't going anywhere. 

So that's that. But what of the celebs who took the floor last night alongside not one, but three pros for the season's most challenging routines yet?

First off, and no surprises here: Zendaya, Kellie Pickler and Jacoby Jones were extremely safe, with Jacoby and Karina Smirnoff 

D.L. Hughley and Andy Dick tied for last place with 18s—but the fans appreciated that Andy's paso doble was far more entertaining than D.L.'s tango (Seriously, how does a very successful comedian make the tango boring?), so it was Andy who was ushered to safety before the final cut.

Cheryl Burke, D.L. Hughley, Dancing With The Stars

ABC/Adam Taylor

That left D.L. lingering with Victor Ortiz, who channeled the emotion he felt after being jilted by a cheating girlfriend into his Viennese waltz, and soap star Ingo Rademacher, who apparently felt just fine while dancing his cha-cha, lingering in jeopardy.

Victor's week remains on the up and up, however, because it was D.L. and Cheryl Burkewho were booted from the ballroom tonight.

Asked what he was going to miss about the show, D.L. cracked, "Just Cheryl."

Next week, the remaining celebs will each dance twice to the music of Stevie Wonder, once during a usual partner routine and again as a member of either Team Paso Doble or Team Samba.

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