Buff 'n' tough actors like Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne Johnson aren't afraid of movie stunts—but they're not afraid to let the professionals step in sometimes, either.

The Pain & Gain costars told E! News at the film's press junket that they did a lot of their own action scenes in the film, but there were some doubles around for the extra intense stuff.

"I had a double for when I jumped off of the thing and getting hit by a car the second time," Wahlberg, who was icing a hornet sting on his pinky finger (of all ailments!), told us. "They kinda ratcheted me up from the car, but I'm not afraid to use a double."

Johnson added, "We both have great stunt doubles, but with a movie like this, the authenticity was important, so we were down to do our own stunts and it's not a stunt-heavy movie to begin with, it's more character-driven."

"But when it required me to jump three, four stories off the building—bring in the stunt man."

Wahlberg and Johnson also dished on whether or not they enjoyed the nightlife while shooting in Miami and if they've ever had to do the walk of shame (dun, dun, dunnn).

Watch the clip to see what the actors had to say!

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