Jennifer Lawrence, Rebel Wilson

Getty Images

Who knew Jennifer Lawrence and Rebel Wilson were sisters?!

Just kidding. But the hilarious Aussie comedian does take on the role of Lawrence's sis in an unaired Movie Awards parody video of the MTV series True Life titled "My Sister's Famous."

"We were actually born twins," Wilson says while showing off fake pics of her growing up with the Hunger Games star. "Identical twins. We are identical in every way except for how we look or how we act."

"Jennifer's really generous," Wilson explains. "She actually gave me her Oscars dress. She said I could wear it as a scarf."

Wilson says she's totally not jealous of her Oscar-winning sis's fame. In fact, Wilson says Lawrence gets lots of her movie ideas from Wilson!

"I love my sister very, very much, I do," she says. "I mean, if she wanted a kidney, I'd be like, ‘No.' I mean you can have some of my boob meat."

Check out the full (mildly NSFW) clip below!

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