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For the fans pining over a Pineapple Express sequel, take comfort: This Is the End, the upcoming end-of-the-world romp from Seth Rogen acts as a sort of successor. The gang's all back: James Franco, Danny McBrideCraig Robsinson. There's stoner jokes galore. There's Rihanna (we know she wasn't in the original, but who doesn't love a movie with Rihanna?!).

But Seth also revealed his plan for an actual sequel at last night's MTV Sneak Peek Week (airing all this week at 11 p.m. on MTV): "We're open to it," Rogen exclusively told E! News before his writing partner, Evan Goldberg, interjected, "What's that webpage where you get money, like Veronica Mars?"

"We're Kickstarting it! We need $40 million on Kickstarter," Rogen responded with a laugh. "$1 million to make the movie and $39 million just to pay all us. If we get that, we'll talk about it."

We can see the rewards already: For $15, you get a signed 8x10 headshot of James Franco. For $1,000 you get a signed penis painting from James Franco's Gay Town art exhibit. For $200, Seth will record an outgoing voice message of just him laughing. For $500,000, you'll get a meet and greet toke and joke.

And fans already have an idea of what they could expect from a sequel: Just watch the faux trailer for Pineapple Express 2 that was released as an April Fool's gag to promote This Is the End (the clip actually does appear in the film during one drugged-out sequence).

"For the last few years, we've been talking about what a sequel would be and it is the plot that we put into the movie!" Rogen explained to MTV during their sit-down. "[But This Is the End] is based off a fake trailer that we made! If anything, we're trying to get the idea out there."

And maybe, after directing This Is the End, Seth and Evan will not only write a Pineapple Express sequel, but direct it too. Especially since Seth seems to enjoy bossing his buddies around. Just know, there's a limit to how far he can push them:

"It was fun! I felt powerful, controlling them like little marionettes," he laughed us.

"There was only one line I could not say. Evan pitched and it has something to do with Mother Teresa," Craig Robinson revealed. "It was the only one I could not do."

"It's fun getting your friends to tap out and say they won't say certain jokes," Seth continued before admitting, "You probably shouldn't say that one."

But whether it be another Pineapple installment or some other future film, Seth can rest assured there's always someone who will say anything. During the conversation, Danny McBride leaned in and asked, "Will you whisper it to me and I'll say it?"

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