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Psst...we've got a secret. A good one.

We've seen Thursday's can't-miss-because-everyone-will-be-talking-about-it-Friday-morning episode of Glee and are sharing some details with you in today's Spoiler Chat, which also includes scoop on The Following's upcoming flashbacks, a new hottie coming to town on Teen Wolf and a political dilemma coming up on Scandal!

Plus, we've got spoilers on Bones, Girls, Chicago Fire and more...

Darcey in Washington D.C.:  Does Smash's move to Saturday mean it's being canceled? Hit List is sooo awesome!  It reminds me of Rent. Say it ain't so!
Sorry, Darcey! We're saying it: the ratings are way too low, and Smash will need a crazy Broadway-sized miracle to get a season three.

Alyssa: Desperate for Glee spoilers! What's the bad thing happening in this week's episode?
We can't spoil that lest Ryan Murphy ninjas into our office and takes us out with a tranquillizer dart. But we have seen the episode and we can tell you that it will be very emotional, and the performances by a handful of people will move you to tears (Looking at you, Chord Overstreet). And there are not one, but two mysteries in Thursday's episode, though only one gets solved. The other one? Cliffhanger time! Need more scoop than that? Check back later today for more info on the big Glee episode.

Clare: Teen Wolf scoop right now.
Shiz is about to get real serious in Beacon Hills this season. How do we know this? The FBI is coming! Towards the end of the first half of season three, fans will meet the handsome and tough Jack Keller, a field agent, who comes to town on official business and we're hearing his presence will have a profound impact on Beacon Hills.

Greg G.: Will poor Ryan Hardy ever lighten up on The Following?
Present day Ryan Hardy? No. But we will get more flashbacks to when Hardy was bright-eyed and bushy tailed. "We see Ryan in better days when he's sort of starting on the case, but he's still always consumed by it," Shawn Ashmore tells us. "There's always this kind of edge to Ryan Hardy; there's always a sort of darkness about him." So, no, we will not see Ryan inviting the gang out for tequila shots and karaoke any time soon.

Rita Wilson, Allison Williams

Steve Granitz/WireImage

Jacqui: Can't believe Christopher Abbott left Girls as I loved Charlie and Marnie together! What's next for her?
Though Charlie won't be in Marnie's life anymore (Boo!), at least she's got her cougar of a mom! Yes, Rita Wilson will be returning in season three, most likely to help her daughter deal with this latest development in her love life as Wilson told us, "It's a very real, adult relationship between a mother and a daughter, but it's got some complexity to it."

Tristan: So bummed that Scandal isn't on this week! Make me feel better with some scoop?
Fans that have been less than pleased with Fitz in the last couple of episodes will probably be a little happy to hear the president will be in a bit of a pickle when it comes time to deal with the whole "saying someone was the mole when he really wasn't" thing. Cyrus and his team will be working overtime to find an explanation for an "oversight" in the mole investigation and aren't above Fitz's recent troubles (Verna's death, the assassination attempt, etc.) to do it.

Annie: Any Bones goodies to share?
Brennan is getting a new foe! Sandra Gibson is the successful author of a medical-mystery series of novels who isn't pleased when fellow author/competitor Brennan disses her work. Naturally, she decides to start a feud in order to bolster sales of her book and does so by appearing on a PBS-esque talk show. Rawr!

Reese: Anything more on Chicago Fire?
The penultimate episode of the season is titled "Let Her Go." Speculate on that one, Chicago Fire fans.

—Additional reporting by Jenna Mullins and Tierney Bricker

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