If you didn't get chocolate wasted enough the first time around, you're in luck.

Grown Ups 2 has just as much Adam Sandler, slapstick comedy and potty humor as the original, plus Taylor Lautner plays a jerky college frat boy. (That's a small victory for Team Edward, right?)

Well, in the newly released trailer, the Twilight heartthrob and his crew force Sandler, Kevin James, David Spade and Chris Rock (no Rob Schneider in this one, sorry kids) to get naked, leave their clothes behind and jump off a cliff into the water below.  

And don't worry about the Grown Ups franchise maturing too much since the original film in 2010. The sequel features a very fake deer (or possibly CGI-struggling moose?) making its way into Sandler's bedroom and peeing—yes, peeing—on his face while Salma Hayek screams in fear.

If you want to go ahead and mark your calendar, Grown Ups 2 hits theaters July 12.

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