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You're cordially invited to the TV wedding of the season!

In today's Spoiler Chat, we've got scoop on Cece's highly-anticipated nuptials, which are set to go down in New Girl's finale, as well as inside info on a new Big Bang Theory romance and Parks and Recreation's parents-to-be's complicated relationship.

But it's not all about the sitcoms; we've also got spoilers on Nikita's big upcoming twist, The Carrie Diaries' finale, Nurse Jackie's return and more...

Lena: Grey's scoop please!
Remember how Shonda Rhimes said the season nine finale would be more tame than seasons past? Yup, she changed her mind. "People. I warned you about the GA finale so you could brace yourself or whatever," she tweeted after saying that the creative team "changed" their finale plans.  So what goes down in the finale? Well, we can tell you that part one has an explosion. So yeah, definitely not tame.

Talia: New Girl spoilers…is Schmidt going to break up Cece's wedding or what?
Let's just say, as much as Schmidt wants to stop Cece's wedding in the season finale, he will not be standing up to object. If that wedding was to get interrupted, it won't be because of good ol' Schmitty.

Marcus: Big Bang Theory love scoop!
Can you imagine a world where Raj is the one teaching a girl he's dating to be more forward and outspoken? That world is reality, at least in Big Bang Theory's penultimate episode of the season. Raj is continuing his relationship with Lucy, and one of their upcoming dates involves Raj trying to convince Lucy to be less of a pushover, and their experiment involves an unsuspecting waiter at their restaurant.

Evan: Stop holding out on the Nikita scoop!
Nikita is going rogue…again! Expect to see our heroine break off from the group by episode 22, but there may be a twist involved that has Michael and Alex truly concerned. What we can tell you is that a desperate Nikita goes to extreme measures to get a meeting with the President.

Nurse Jackie


ILNY83: Is the #NurseJackie finale a season or series finale?
In our humble opinion, it leans slightly more toward one than the other. Obviously we can't tell you which side, but the finale could serve as either a season or a series-ender, should the show be renewed or not. All we can definitely say is that the final scene is perfect and is very Nurse Jackie-esque.

Jenny in Los Angeles: Obsessed with the idea of Chris and Anne having a baby on Parks and Recreation! Any chance that will bloom into a full on romance?
No, it will be purely baby-making professional (is that a thing?) for the time being. But that doesn't mean something could change down the line, say, around the finale? For example, something could definitely change after Anne offers to do something really sweet, but somewhat odd, for Chris in an upcoming episode.

Linda: So excited for The Carrie Diaries' finale. Got any scoop to share?
It'll be quite the prom night to remember as all of the following goes down during the episode: A breakup, two hookups, someone loses their virginity, someone drops the l-word (love, duh!) and a major Sex and the City reference that will have fans salivating for season two. (Fingers crossed!)

Jackie: Can we please get some scoop on Casey form Chicago Fire? Is there any chance that he will go back together with Hallie and will he get into trouble again when Voight is returning?
At the end of the season, Hallie will deliver a big speech to Casey that fans will definitely swoon over. But you know it won't be as easy as a couple of sentences for those two, right? At least it's a start.

—Additional reporting by Jenna Mullins and Tierney Bricker 

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