The Carrie Diaries, Coach Classic Leather Duffle Bag

Courtesy: CW; Coach

Looking for the perfect everyday bag? If you tuned into The Carrie Diaries tonight, you just might find yourself suddenly smitten with a certain classic must-have, highly coveted by all of the characters!

That's right, in tonight's episode, Carrie, her arch nemesis Donna LaDonna and magazine editor Larissa Loughton (pictured here) all fought over this charming Coach Classic Duffle and for good reason. 

This 'it bag' has been around since 1973 (hence, a total hit for the ‘80s-themed CW show), and is still perfectly posh today. 

Modern day fans of this exact style include January Jones, Michelle Williams and Malin Akerman, just to name a few!

As for why we're so obsessed with this roomy carryall? For starters, it goes with pretty much anything.

On set, they styled Loughton in printed pants and a colorful blazer for a creative office-appropriate look, but we also love the idea of swinging this leather stunner over a denim jacket, white tee and leather skirt for the ultimate weekend ensemble this spring. 

Would you rock a retro Coach bag?

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