After Lately


After Jiffy's good looks and boyish charm become too much for Chelsea to handle, she finally makes her move on him… by assigning him to ghost-write an autobiography for her dog Jax, and then inviting him over to her house to work on the dog book.

A classic tale of forbidden love.

Meanwhile, Brad and Sarah see that the staff accountant, Karen, is using a handicapped spot, but doesn't appear to have a disability. They then do what any rational adults would do in a potentially sensitive situation – invasive investigative journalism.

Jiffy and Chelsea work on the book at Chelsea's house, and are joined by Ben Gleib, who brought over pot cookies… but won't leave. He tells Jiffy he's positive Chelsea is hitting on him. After Chelsea forces Jiffy to kick out Ben, she gets into her Jacuzzi and tells him to join her. He puts on a bikini bottom, gets in, and then tells her that he can't cheat on his wife with her. She blows up and tells him she wasn't trying to sleep with him.

The next day at the office, Chelsea walks into the kitchen, yells at the writers, and then kisses Jiffy on the mouth. You know, typical late-night host stuff.

Brad and Sarah team up with Johnny Knoxville to figure out what Karen's handicap is, and find out that she has a prosthetic leg when Chuy comes in and accidentally knocks it off.

Case closed.

Best Quotes from the Episode

Ben to Chelsea: "You're like a white Jada Pinkett-Smith"

Ben: "Have you ever googled "Chelsea Handler and Bitch"?
Chelsea: "Why would you google that?"

Jiffy: "Chelsea, I like you a lot. I would even go as far to say I love you – like Daniel loves Mr. Miyagi. They don't ever have sex, those two – that would mess up the foundation that they built on karate."

Chelsea: "You are an idiot, Jiffy. I would never have sex with a man that was married… again."

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