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Another week means another task from the one and only, Donald Trump

After last week's sobfest from Omarosa and Dee Snider's departure, tonight's episode of All-Star Celebrity Apprentice proved to be even more dramatic—but not necessarily in the way you would assume.

The new task was to create a five-minute soap opera for Crystal Light. Each team had either Susan Lucci or Jack Wagner to help out, and clearly they know all about drama.

La Toya Jackson stepped up as project manager for Team Power and Stephen Baldwin became project manager for Plan B. The winner would receive $50,000 for their charity.

Team Power witnessed a bit of a power struggle between Jackson and, yes you guessed it, Omarosa, who kept trying to convince the team of doing a Housewives concept. Instead, they came up with playing a sound effect every time a super cliché soap opera line was said, which also signaled audience members to take a sip of their Crystal Light. Clever.

Omarosa, who was placed as a stage manager for the production, continued to have issues with Jackson throughout the episode, and La Toya even dished a low blow by saying that Omarosa probably caused her late fiancé's (Michael Clarke Duncan) heart attack. Ouch.

"Omarosa is the most evil person I have ever met. She's a no good, conniving scheming, cut-throat, probably pulled the cord on Michael Duncan Clarke." Yeah, we noticed that, too. 

Plan B decided to go the more romantic and passionate route, with Trace Adkins making out with Lucci and using the product as a mood enhancer and the main focus of the skit. Hence, the title Crystal Guiding Days Of Our Lights. 

When it came time to enter the boardroom, things got a little intense. 

Jackson (and a lot of other people) expressed their issues with Omarosa and how she was a distraction after finding out Duncan's 911 tapes were being released. Yes, she cried again. As for Plan B, Gary Busey's name was brought up a lot yet again, putting these two on the chopping block.

Baldwin's team won the task, giving his charity the $50,000 prize, and then it was time to see who got fired.

Surprisingly, Jackson did not bring Omarosa back into the boardroom, but Dennis Rodman and Brande Roderick, none of whom did anything wrong during this task, which meant La Toya was fired and Omarosa stays on to see another week of Celebrity Apprentice.

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