Twilight's officially over, so it's time to move on to Stephenie Meyer's latest supernatural sensation: The Host.

Directed by Andrew Niccol, the sci-fi flick is set in a futuristic world where a parasitic alien race called "Souls" invade human bodies and erase their personalities. The story follows Melanie Stryder (played by Irish beauty Saorise Ronan) as her body is inhabited by a soul know as Wanderer, but Melanie refuses her captor's mind control.

The follow-up to Meyer's Twilight juggernaut, of course, includes a love square (or "box," as Meyer informed us, as triangles are so Twilight) with Melanie, her "Soul" and the other two main characters, Jared Howe (played by Max Irons) and Jake Abel (played by Ian O'Shea). 

And today, Irons, O'Shea and Meyer stopped by the E! News set to answer your burning Twitter questions on the highly anticipated flick! 

Asked how she gets the inspiration for her fictional characters, Meyer admitted said, "Every now and then, one person in my life will jump in. But generally it's just my imaginary friends."

She revealed, however, that The Host's Doc was largely inspired by her younger brother, Seth. "The movie doesn't look anything like my brother. But the charcter always kind of had the same mannerisms and the gentleness my brother has."

So sweet! Fans also quizzed Max and Jake about whether they're prepared to be the object of affection of many, many fans once The Host hits theaters ("I don't know if it's entirely healthy to be too preoccupied with the consequences," Max mused") and how Meyer ended up with a "love box" when she originally started out with a two-person love triangle.

Wait, what?! 

Watch the clip and hear everything the trio had to say!

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